purpl is an incubator for people to build lives they are passionate about.

purpl is an operation of the Saul N. Silbert Charitable Trust , a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization incorporated in 1994

The Saul Silbert Charitable Trust was founded by Saul Silbert in 1994, from his personal estate. Saul Silbert was a self-made man whose family came to the United States with little. He built his estate through hard work for the IRS, a tax preparer, and shrewd, self-managed investor. A lover of the arts who studied theater, piano, and drawing through his last days, Saul believed strongly in the value of education and self-reliance.


Opportunities at Purpl

Purpl  is Hiring!

Seeking a bright, energetic, articulate, self-motivated team player able to keep an eye for detail while maintaining a view of the big picture. Should be a creative thinker and problem solver who can both take direction and work independently.  An ideal candidate would be entrepreneurial and engaged, flexible and willing tolearn, thoughtful and competent with a customer-service mentality and the ability to enthusiastically and authentically stand behind Purpl’s mission and seek out and perform all tasks related to the overall success of the organization.

Required skill sets/competencies/attitudes:

  • Strong and versatile writing ability

  • Eye for design and presentation

  • Networking and relationship-building

  • Ability to manage a diverse set of tasks and projects

  • Experience with social media marketing and promotion

  • Hospitality, party planning, and event management

  • Online research

  • Facility with computer systems, including online drives, routers, printer set-up

  • High level of attention and awareness for maintaining our organizational standards of presentation

  • Competency with the Adobe suite of products

  • Willingness to happily and voluntarily perform a wide range of tasks, from the intellectual (writing marketing copy, researching grants) to the physical (setting up chairs, shoveling snow), to the social (facilitating meetings, bartending) as demanded by the situation

Responsibilities Include (but are not limited to!)

  • Receiving and engaging guests, customers, collaborators, members

  • Writing press releases, marketing copy, newsletters, outreach letters and more

  • Building and maintaining our online presence through social media, online calendar listings, outreach, etc.

  • Serving as a representative of The Purple Crayon in the community and at events, as well as on a day to day basis with those who interact with the space

  • Giving tours for potential members, space rentals, or other interested parties

  • Editing/producing flyers, brochures, and other print materials

  • Intake, quoting, and ongoing support for private party rentals

  • Set-up, management, and breakdown of live events

  • Workspace management, including scheduling, tech support, supply management, etc.

  • Research for grant opportunities, partnerships, program models and other topics as necessary

  • Website updates and maintenance


  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Computer and tech savvy

  • Motivated problem solving skills

  • Willingness to participate in a variety of tasks

  • Passion and excitement for the work at hand

  • Proven experience in a workplace environment (long-term internships are acceptable)

  • Ability to work evenings and weekends several times a month, depending on the event schedule

This is a unique opportunity to come in on the ground floor of a small start up in the growth phase. Call it what you will—Engagement Associate, Passion Pusher, Culture Creator, Right-Hand Man, Communication and Events Assistant—this position occupies an important and critical role in the ongoing operation and success of The Purple Crayon Center. Please email letters of interest and resumes to staffing@purplecrayoncenter.org. Please include an explanation or demonstration of why you feel you would be right for this position.