“ . . . Harold made a balloon and he grabbed onto it. . .”  —Crockett Johnson

Imagine all of us could live in the world as Harold and his purple crayon does, with confidence, vision, and the skill and creativity to make our dreams come true. The components of his success are few – he needs only an open mind, the tools to draw with, and a conducive environment to carve his own path in the world.

30% of American workers are finding their own ways, working on their own or in small groups outside of the corporate structure. More and more students are searching for meaning, after emerging from a school system more focused on standards and assessment than true learning and personal development.

These two demographics are forming a new set, a new generation of self –identified workers and leaders. This generation needs a new kind of support, one that builds self-knowledge in addition to skills, that supports purpose and direction rather than just progress, that connects people and ideas rather than isolating them.

At Purpl™ our mission is to advocate and design for self-direction and engagement in learning, life, and work.    

The Saul N. Silbert Charitable Trust

Purpl™is run by the Saul N. Silbert Charitable Trust , a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization incorporated in 1994, in furtherance of its mission to advocate and design for self-direction and engagement in learning, life, and work. 

The Saul N. Silbert Charitable Trust was founded by Saul Silbert in 1994, from his personal estate. Saul Silbert was a self-made man whose family came to the United States with little. He built his estate through hard work for the IRS, a tax preparer, and shrewd, self-managed investor. A lover of the arts who studied theater, piano, and drawing through his last days, Saul believed strongly in the value of education and self-reliance.