GELL: Next Steps

"It's been hard thinking about what comes after [this] and you had a great way of getting me to find a foothold to begin thinking about moving forward." —GELL participant, recent college graduate

53% of college graduates under 25 don't have work, and those that do are changing jobs more rapidly than ever or working in a rapidly changing environment where they have an unprecedented amount of responsibility and control. This new world of work presents both an opportunity and a challenge for recent high school and college grads. 

This 8-week program is designed to help 18-25 year olds get a purchase on their goals and self-direction as they head out into the workplace economy. The group works in a facilitated peer-to-peer format to:

  • Gain insight into future possibilities and visions

  • Identify strengths and interests and tie them toward possible directions

  • Define practical steps and immediate actions

  • Decrease isolation and build inspiration

Past participants on their experience...

"I learned a lot about myself and my aspirations . . .I cannot thank you enough."

"GELL provided me with a space to express the roller coaster of emotions I've experienced since graduating, and helped keep me grounded knowing the there are others . . .who feel similarly."