GELL: Career Transitions

Thinking about making a change in your worklife? Are you re-entering the workforce, retiring, heading out on your own, or otherwise looking to make a change? These jumping off points can be exciting, but they can also be overwhelming and isolating, not to mention moments when you realize that you don’t know everything you need to.

The GELL group for Career Transitions will focus on building personal insight and direction, and tying that direction to specific action steps to help move you toward your goals (even if you don’t know yet what they are!). Facilitated by founder and experienced group coach, Sarah Hinawi, GELL offers a curriculum of activities and discussions to help you on your way while also connecting you to a network of peers who can provide not just accountability and insight, but long-term relationships to depend on as you enter into your next steps. The group should help you:

  • take what you know about your skills and yourself and translate that into a marketable business or career practice

  • learn how to cope with the on-going challenges and changes that advancing that work demands

  • achieve the personal development and social capital that are lacking in other group environments or solo efforts

  • access affordable and impactful peer mentorship and professional coaching