GELL: Independent Workers

Does this describe you? 

  • You have a skill or set of skills at which you are expert and through which you provide a service to others

  • You work on your own or with few staff or collaborators

  • You’d like to find more connection to other individuals and to your work

  • You’d like to gain ideas/insight to help you chart a path for your projects and yourself

“Our GELL group has been a critical and instrumental in my ability to develop the resilience, vision, and authority to maintain and grow my business.”  - Brooke Nalle, founder of Sleepy on Hudson

GELL Groups are small, facilitated, peer-to-peer mentorship groups and learning communities. One previous participant called it “business therapy.” The content and structure are based on a new model of leadership designed specifically for the independent worker. The group is designed to not just provide a community and support network, but also to provide a space for accountability, growth and development. The coach/leader provides informed direction and targeted insights to maximize group learning and personal development. 

  • take what you know about your skills and yourself and translate that into a marketable business or career practice

  • learn how to cope with the on-going challenges and changes that advancing that work demands

  • get the personal development and social capital that a co-working site can't design or facilitate in a meaningful way

  • access affordable and impactful peer mentorship and coaching