The world of work is through to learn more

"The group has provided a regular and safe space to share deep thoughts, concerns, and success about our businesses (and sometimes personal) in a positive and warm environment. Getting to know the other members of the group has been invaluable and the thought-provoking sessions are a necessary part of the group dynamic."

"[GELL] is a helpful and meaningful way to commiserate about my own work with others in different fields going through the same growth and challenges, facilitated in a way that gives direction and provides wise insights."

As the world of work continues to evolve, GELL is a response to these changes, which demand that each of us take more ownership of our paths and become leaders of our own work.

GELL (Gig Economy Learning and Leadership) groups are intimate, curriculum-based, facilitated peer mentorship groups of 6-8 individuals. They meet bi-weekly over the course of 6 months and are designed to build personal knowledge, practical skills and strategies, and community among individuals in similar stages. 

Our offerings address three critical demographics, 18-25 year olds, many of whom have not started or completed college or have and are looking for where to go next, independent workers, whose needs are growing simultaneously with their numbers, and individuals re-entering the workforce.

Do you want to be part of a community interested in developing these skills?

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