Next Acts : A Some Nerve Workshop for Reinventing Moms

Once the kids are in school it's mom's turn to figure out "What's next for me?"  Career change? Get fit? Clear clutter? Write a book? Find my true self? Ack! If the thought of a new direction (or finally tackling long held goals) is a little…er, scary, then join us for a special workshop with Patty Chang Anker, author of SOME NERVE: Lessons Learned While Becoming Brave ("Mom Must Read," Parents Magazine), and discover how to de-escalate fear's power and make your next act the greatest it can be.

We'll address self-doubt and fear of failure, challenge old habits and create new ways of thinking. We'll identify obstacles many energy-starved moms face and make concrete plans for small steps (or big leaps) toward the life we want. We know how time flies - the kids are ginormous!  - so don't delay. Make 2017 the year you take your professional or personal goals from "Deciding" to "Doing" to "Done!"


Patty Chang Anker is a nationally recognized fear facing expert who empowers people to live their biggest, bravest lives. She is the author of SOME NERVE: Lessons Learned While Becoming Brave ( "Downright inspiring") and the blogger behind Facing Forty Upside Down and the "Some Nerve" Anxiety blog.

Her writing has appeared in numerous publications including Dr. Oz The Good Life Magazine,  O Magazine,, and the Listen to Your Mother Anthology. She is a Good Housekeeping Magazine "Blogger We Love" and a Top 25 Funny Mom at Circle of Moms.

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A recovering fraidy-cat, Patty felt paralyzed as a new mother during what she now dubs her "Decade of Fear." "I had so many false starts I was afraid to make a wrong choice about anything - jobs, friends, parenting - so I made no choice at all," she recalls.

Deciding to stop living life as a chicken changed everything for her and her family, and today Patty delivers life-changing keynotes and workshops across the country about what can happen when we find some nerve. When she is not writing, speaking, or facing fears she can be found with her husband chasing their two daughters across Westchester County. 

Patty Chang Anker is "a change agent in this world," "inspiring on a mass scale," "warm, funny," "moving," and "exceptional."