For decades, singer-songwriter Shawn Colvin has shared her personal trials and tribulations through her beloved music. Not one to shy away from the truth, her music gleams with honesty, only to be softened by her own sense of humor.  Her songs of "craft and catharsis" have become closely held treasures to her loyal following and are evidence enough of why she has remained a singular and enduring talent and icon of contemporary folk.

Winning the 1991 Grammy for "Best Contemporary Folk Album" for her debut album, Steady On, Colvin followed up with Fat City and A Few Small Repairs, the former of which was nominated for another Grammy, and the latter of which went platinum. However it wasn't until 1997, when she released the Grammy-winning single “Sunny Came Home,” that she broke into the mainstream and received commercial success. 

Her most recent album, All Fall Down, focuses on loss, redemption, and resolution. Enlisting longtime friend and guitarist, Buddy Miller, to produce, together, they compiled a collection of songs which highlight Colvin's appreciation for "strong, simple melodies" and mirror the frank honesty of her lyrics. 

"...extraordinary songs, mesmerizing guitar playing, and a voice that goes effortlessly from bruise-tender to scar-hard." —The Guardian
“Shawn Colvin kept the [folk] form fresh with a diverse approach, avoiding the genre’s clichéd sentiments and all-too-often formulaic arrangements in favor of a more personal, pop-influenced style.”—MTV




Shawn Colvin

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