Ship Your Side Project

The Busy Person's Guide to Personal Side Projects

Have you ever wanted to start a personal project like writing a blog, learning how to paint or play a musical instrument, maybe selling something you make online? Starting and sticking with side projects can be hard, especially when you're busy with work, family, and just the quirks of life. But even with packed schedule, you can find a way to make side projects work, without losing your mind!

Jason Shen and Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya have helped numerous busy parents and professionals launch their personal projects through their six week online bootcamp - Ship Your Side Project. While working as busy professionals in advertising and technology, Jason and Amanda have discovered strategies that seen them produce a podcast on world record holders, create a year-long daily illustration series, and publish articles in Inc, Fast Company, and Quartz. In this workshop, they'll inspire and guide you to develop a plan for starting and achieving your own personal project, even with a hectic and busy schedule. 

Join Jason and Amanda in this workshop and learn how you can make 2017 the year you ship that personal project.