The Ballroom Thieves

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Hailing from Boston, The Ballroom Thieves are renowned for their unmistakable talent  and their sound, a constant harmonious blend of instruments and vocals that build up on each other. With an originality that will pulse through you, the band plays romping folk with a masterful overlay of emotive vocals, soaring cello, and powerful drum beats.

Bursting onto the scene with their debut album A Wolf in the Doorway, The Ballroom Thieves captured the ears and hearts of audiences and critics alike with their spellbinding lyrics, raw with honesty, genre-bending melodies, and chill-inducing harmonies. They toured religiously, performing all across the country and on “venerable stages like the Newport Folk Festival," and experienced the highs and lows of life on the road.

Their second album, Deadeye, illustrates these low moments, allowing fans to witness “these hardships and the resulting creative growth while simultaneously helping the band move on.”  Staying true to their “tradition of constructing moving music built on the foundation of powerful lyrics, haunting cello, and three soulful voices that, at times, fuse into one angelic whisper, and at others, utter wails full of grit and heart and soul and truth,” The Ballroom Thieves have turned their struggles into a powerful collection of songs, each anthems for having the courage to overcome.

Opening Act: Lazy Girl and The Recliners

Lazy Girl and The Recliners are a family band. They produce a sound of tight raw harmonies and thumpy syncopation. Nina Luongo sings a throaty sweetness that needs no introduction or microphone and Robin Luongo is a cellist and electric bass player who thumps as much as he bows and goes to bass for the extra lowdowns. Bob Gulian plays a Martin Aura and sings. He played New York, Boston, and LA clubs in the 70s, the Paris Metro (Odeon to Montparnasse) in the 80s and now desires to sing ‘like a bad boy’.

All the Recliners write songs and overcome through the power of not-bickering.