Be Inspired. Be Satisfied. Be Generous.

Dear Friend,

Thank you for visiting Purpl this past year, and for supporting our programs with your avid attendance.  It’s been a wildly productive 12 months for us.  We’d like to tell you what we’ve been up to, and ask for your support. 

After four years serving the community, we re-branded ourselves to better promote our core purpose and philosophy.  We’re now Purpl; dropping the ‘e’ was a way to underscore the idea that we’re all a work-in-progress, full of promise and potential, and full of the opportunity to take new, exciting paths—professional and otherwise—less traveled.

We work to foster creativity and productivity, career and life satisfaction, and personal and social responsibility. We express this through three distinct pillars of activities:

The encouragement of IDEAS

The pursuit of meaningful WORK

Seeking INSPIRATION in unexpected places.

Have you participated in one of our many classes, workshops or weekly gatherings that provoke ideas?  In the last four years we’ve curated and convened more than 200 sessions designed to launch and nurture entrepreneurs, solo workers and students.  Are you a member of our facilitated shared workspace?  Our program is growing with 25 members joining the community.  More than likely, you’ve attended one or more of our music concerts, sitting mere feet away from some of the most talented, far-sighted musicians playing today. Has their music and imagination inspired you?

Four years ago we invested in a dormant, decrepit church, and transformed it into a vibrant, eclectic sanctuary for creative expression. Since then, more than 5,000 people have benefited from this Center and have shared their passions and hopes for the future with us.

We’ve been proud to serve this community, but now we need your help.  Won’t you offer your support for this, our inaugural fundraising campaign?  Any amount you choose to give will be appreciated and will be used to further our mission every day.  Please be as generous as you can!



Learn more about the work we do in the video below!

Thank you, and warm holiday wishes,

Sarah Silbert Hinawi                  Adel Hinawi