When They Launch....

Purpl is an incubator that focuses on the person rather than the business, helping individuals go through the personal and professional development necessary to become a successful independent professional or small businessperson. Through our facilitated coworking community, highly curated workshop offerings, and inspirational music events, we help people build lives they’re passionate about.

In the natural course of their growth and their much deserved success, we celebrate when from time to time a member “graduates” from our incubation and moves on to a bigger space to accommodate bigger business. We celebrate these moves because they indicate both the member’s successful hard work, and our success in providing a conducive environment and the right kind of support. 

Most recently, our long-time member, Laura Winston left the nest. We talked to her a bit about this transition and what it meant. Read our interview below!


What led you to Purpl? What made it the right fit?

I was working from home and receiving my mail at a virtual office in White Plains.  I needed an actual office in order to be more productive and engage more as a professional.  I initially came to Purpl because it was conveniently located just 5 minutes from my house.  It was the right fit not just for the convenience but for the entrepreneurial vibe and the sense of community that I felt from the beginning.

How has Purpl been instrumental for your personal and professional growth?  

It lived up to my desire to be more productive and engage more with other entrepreneurs.  For a while I attended Sarah’s weekly Lunch Pad, which I highly recommend to anyone starting out on an entrepreneurial path.  I also attended various workshops and plan to continue doing this as an alum.  I have met people at Purpl who are now clients, referral contacts and friends.

What have you realized about yourself during this journey of professional transition and growth? 

Put simply, I realized I had the potential to make this work.  Although I was a solo practitioner, I was working 2 or 3 days on a contract basis at a law firm in Manhattan.  I would not look forward to the days I was working in the city, and would just want to be at Purpl working on my own practice.  Eventually I left that contract job behind to focus only on my own business, and it worked out to the point where before too long, I formed a partnership with a like-minded attorney and now we have a law firm together!

What do you think makes Purpl such a special place?

Too many aspects to list here.  So I’ll share one thought that stayed with me the whole time I was working there.  Sometimes the workspace is quiet, only a few regulars around, and I would enjoy the peaceful environment and it would help me to be productive.  Sometimes the place is bustling with visitors coming in for various meetings, tours of the space, etc., and I would thrive on the energy around me.  So both versions of the atmosphere at Purpl were highly motivating for me.  I will miss it!


- Laura Winston is an intellectual property lawyer with Kim Winston LLP.  You can find her on Twitter @LauraWinston.