Stuck vs. Unstuck

Stuck—unable to move, held by some force to a location, idea, way of thinking, construct, role, direction

Unstuck—free, unencumbered, unhitched, at liberty to . . . ?

It’s easy—and common—to presume that being unstuck is better than being stuck. I mean who wouldn’t rather be free than tethered, right? But on occasion, being unstuck can feel like being unmoored. When you’re suddenly liberated from a constraint you’ve known—parental demands, a long-held job, limited options, a narrow perspective, it can feel not just freeing, but bewildering.

At these times, it’s important to identify the things that you can tether yourself to—a goal, a dream, a relationship, a feeling, the things that can give you grounding and direction. And I’d venture to say that even at the times we do feel truly stuck, we can liberate ourselves by finding the key tethers that are in line with our values,  by focusing on the things you want to stick to, you may figure out the things you don’t.