2017 was many things, many of them troubling or difficult. But it was also the year of #squad goals, defined by the Urban Dictionary as: an inspirational term for what you’d like your group of friends to be or accomplish.

Regardless of how you feel about social media or youth culture at the moment, I think we can all get behind this idea of community aspirations.

Here are Purpl, our aim has always been to be an incubator for people to build lives they’re passionate about. Much of this work happens through our facilitated shared workspace, where we work to not just provide a group office space, but to help grow connections between and among members, and foster persistence and resilience around our members’ chosen paths.

This year we conducted a survey to make sure we are achieving some of these goals. We’ll be publishing the results in a report in the coming months, but here are some quick insights:

o  90% of members who participated increased their social interaction by working at Purpl

o  75% of participants have made meaningful connections through their membership at Purpl

o  83% of respondents feel they have a support system in the Purpl staff

o  82% of respondents feel they have a support system in other members

o  67% of participants report having made progress on their professional goals since joining Purpl

o  92% of respondents would recommend Purpl to a friend or professional contact

More on that soon, but long story short, something’s working! In 2018, we will continue to strive for outcomes and impact for our members, program participants, and in our advocacy work beyond the local community. And we hope you’ll bring your goals and hopes for 2018 to our doors, and we can help make them a reality.

Meanwhile, our thanks for your engagement and support through the years, and here’s hoping for a beautiful holiday season—and that we each find the perfect song to rock the mic on New Year’s! #PurplSquadGoals :-)