Sarah's Note: See the forest and the trees

The past few weeks have been a time of review. Lots of questions about doing—what are we doing, are we doing it well, what could we be doing, what does the future look like with this in mind?

Toward the end of answering some of these questions, we here at Purpl have been conducting a number of evaluations. Sooner or later, we will share a full review of our findings with you all.

But for now, suffice it to say the results were good. So what's next? Do we work to increase these numbers so the experiences people have get better and better? Or do we work to scale this impact, broaden this level of experience to a wider audience? Do we keep our focus on evaluation, asking deeper and deeper questions until we understand the intricacies of what got us these responses, or do we take them at face value and build on what we already know?

Good evaluation is extremely useful. It's difficult and multifaceted, critical and necessary. AND it’s incomplete. For each thing it can tell you, there are several others that it can’t. Most importantly it can't tell you what you already know, the nuances and insights you bring as the creator and deliverer of the experiences others are responding to.

So take the time to evaluate—evaluate your intentions, your actions, your accomplishments, the things you didn’t accomplish. Ask the hard questions, look at the answers, but remember not to lose the forest for the trees. It’s the overlap, all that beautiful combined foliage, and all the almost imperceptible but uniquely powerful shadings and shiftings that make the picture complete.