Sarah's Note: Burst your bubble

Earlier this morning, as I was sitting down to work, an acquaintance sat down next to me. We started explore some of his current challenges in his work and possible next steps. A little voice in my head was nagging me to focus and get back to work, but the possibility that this conversation could be the work, could be taking me somewhere, opening up new avenues both for my friend and myself encouraged me to continue.
Soon two others joined us. Again I resisted the impulse to turn my attention to my laptop and instead tuned into a conversation that initially felt totally irrelevant but ultimately led me into a tour of an artists' workspace and fed me with an education about an art form about which I previously knew nothing. As it turns out this new awareness has birthed ideas not only about the project that initially needed my attention, but also about a deeper level perspective that I can carry on with me into everything I do.
No matter where you work, or what you do, there comes a time when a bubble starts to form around you and the work you do. To burst that bubble, to make your work bigger, more impactful both for you and those around you, open yourself up to the world. Pick up the paper instead of reading the articles chosen for you on Faceook. Tune into the radio instead of listening to your pre-selected podcasts. Go for a walk without your headphones on and take in the world around you. Work someplace new, and talk to someone you wouldn't normally talk to. Let that bubble dissipate and see what forms around you next.