Sarah's Note: Heart Forward

There are a lot of ways to go forth in the world. You can lead with your head, go with the steps and actions that seem logical, rational, to make the most sense. You can follow your nose, go the way the wind blows, and let chance determine your direction.
But when I think of the people who inspire me most in this world, whose presence warms me, whose direction invites me, whose achievements propel me forward and give me strength, they are the individuals who lead with their hearts. Who open themselves to the world, joyfully thrusting their deepest wishes and gifts out for others to enjoy and learn from without reservation, and without conditions.
This is a high ambition. Sharing yourself is deceptively difficult to do, and I imagine even for my role models, there are days and times when it feels impossible. But success is in the striving, and the benefits of going forth heart-forward are both personal and universal. So I, for one, am going to keep trying. Will you join me?