Sarah's Note: Preserving your most valuable assets

The other day Adel sent me some thoughts that had struck him (not surprisingly, as a result of a conversation we had just had), and I wanted to share them here because I think they have special meaning for many of us striving to work meaningfully as entrepreneurs, artists, even as parents:
When I moved to this country,  I heard the word "perfectionist" more than I ever had-sometimes in praise and sometimes in insult. Perhaps it's a byproduct of another characteristic that was also surprisingly common: competitiveness.  Maybe both traits contribute to why America is a world power. Or maybe it's just another form of "wanting it all".
What I can't ignore is how often I have seen this mindset cause more harm than good. Like the time my fishing boat sank and I held on to my glasses (the most valuable possession on me at the time) while I watched my friend lose every bit of his belongings by trying to save them ALL.  
I think setting the price to pay for achieving perfection is a great skill, and it is a balance between accepting your achievements and longing to do better.

Are their places in your life where you're striving for perfection? What are the trade-offs you're making in doing so? How might you strike a balance between accepting your achievements and working to do better, in the interest of preserving your most valuable assets?