Sarah's Note: What if work were like summer camp?

Most of us grown-up think back wistfully on summer camp, or longingly observe all the wonderful things our kids get to do each day. But this summer I've been thinking, what if we could make work more like summer camp, what if we could:

  • Pick the activities that are most interesting and exciting to us and devote ourselves to them

  • Be part of or create a community of like-minded indviduals all seeking to learn, grow, and have fun while working toward a unified goal

  • Observe a rest period each day

  • Institute rituals and traditions that remind you of your anchors, the things that are meaningful to you and represent your values

  • Set aside time every few days for cabin cleaning so the real activities could go on unhindered by mess

Wouldn't your work be better it was like camp? And why shouldn't it be?