Sarah's Note: Turning the camera around

To my mind, selfies are one of the most destructive trends to come out of mobile technology. Not only are we constantly staring at our devices-already a filter for the world, already a lens through which we see only what we want to see and ignore the greater landscape around us-but now we are constantly staring at ourselves, becoming ever more self-conscious and self-involved, seeking not what we can learn or gain from the environment we're in, but what story we can tell others about the experience we're having and ultimately about ourselves.
It's seductive, this ability to document and share our joy and positive moments, but I for one plan to make a conscious effort whenever the impulse strikes to turn the camera around-to turn my attention either outward or deeper in, to my thoughts, feelings, what's connecting with me or causing the joy in that moment. Those are the memories I will try to preserve and learn from, and when I find an opportunity to share those thoughts or learnings I will, because I think they have much more to offer the world than . . .well. . .  my face.