Sarah's Note: A manifesto for new beginnings

Life is full of new beginnings.  Today is the Tuesday after Labor day, and whether or not you have school-aged kids, the beginning of September brings an air of starting new-renewed energy, a clean slate, a chance to execute on previously languishing or mishandled goals.
Here's what I hold out for you (and myself) on this fresh (at least figuratively so), almost-fall day:

  • That you choose this new beginning as the time to give yourself the liberty to resource at least one need or idea that you usually hide away, one that requires more time, more energy, more thought, more support, or more money than you have been providing it

  • That you find at least one new opportunity to connect-resonate deeply with an idea, with your own thoughts, with someone who intrigues you

  • That you open yourself up to at least one new experience, find a previously untapped way to spend an evening; discover some new music; walk to school or work along a different route, and truly notice what you find there

  • That you...say yes.

We at The Purple Crayon have some new beginnings in store as well this fall, and you can expect to hear more about them in the coming months. Meanwhile, here is our newly coined manifesto, the hope that guides all of our decisions as an organization and all of the opportunities that we create and provide.

Say yes-
It's about eyes closed, heart open, passion pulling you forward like a string tied around your chest. It's about listening to the surround sound of life, finding the channels that resonate, and making them your own. It's about creating your own sound, allowing it to make its' way out, bubbling up and rising to connect with the world around you.  It's about the butterflies in your belly and tingle on your skin when you hit it-the right idea, the right time, the yes I can, I think I can, maybe I can, I am!

We hope you do.