Sarah's Note: For all of us

I’ve been thinking a lot about loss lately, and how that loss figures into the long haul of this crazy life we lead. It’s been coming at me from many angles, from the book I’m reading (Orphan Train, highly recommended), to the death of a friend, to the constant ups and downs, hits and recoveries we all experience on a regular basis—friends going in and out of favor, children growing up and changing from one stage of life to another, abilities or advantages we once had and don’t anymore, homes or places we once held dear and can no longer access, memories get the idea.

I guess it may sound morbid, but actually this level of awareness fills me with a sort of peace. Knowing that all we truly have is the present reminds me that I want to fill that present with love, rich experiences, satisfying endeavors, true connections, and all the fun and adventure I can fit in.

This is an exciting season for Purpl—great shows, new and renewed momentum and achievement among our membership, growing opportunities to serve additional communities. We hope we’re providing some rich experiences , satisfying endeavors, and true connections  for you, and that you’ll support us as we work to make the present meaningful, for all of us.