This month, I thought I'd share some reflections from a recent learning experience. I'm always aware of our tendency to receive in the moment but lose of hold of our inspiration when the moment for action is ripe. This is about making sense of inspiration and motivation, reflecting on one's personal "swells" and using them to energize our work. Maybe it can prompt you to think about what you've been stirred by lately, and how you can act on that stirring today.

Today I felt the swell
It comes and it goes
Sometimes I manage it well
The heart-swell of passions stirred
The mind-swell of voices heard
The throat-swell of the unspoken word

Am I doing the best that I can?
Am I creating some wind with this fan?
Am I sticking it to the man?

I reach and I give
I trust and I live
But is it enough
Am I the right kind of tough?
What is the stuff
   of my power?
Each passing hour
Is a chance and a test
I strive and I rest
But is it enough?

Morning will break
Today in its wake
The earth will not quake
But still I will shake
With the movement of today

I’ll make my way
Thanks to you,
and you,
and you.

There's work to do.