What you can do in August

Allow your mind to wander to the big vision
Review the successes of the past year
Mine recent failures for their hidden gifts and lessons and take note
Read that book, article, or research you’ve been meaning to but didn’t have time for
Take long leisurely surfs through the internet looking for people, positions, or projects that inspire you
Plan your professional development for the coming year
Take field trips
Build relationships over coffee and walks in the park
Set budgets, goals, metrics, next steps
Send emails to people you’ve always wanted to connect with
This month can be slow for many of us, and a time of a forced—if not chosen—break from the grind. But it doesn’t have to be unproductive. Let your personal adventures fuel your professional reserve. Let the lines blur; look for connections, metaphors, possibilities, jumping off points in your lulls and free time.

Work doesn’t always have to be work.