Sarah's Note: What can we catalyze for you?

At the end of 2012, at one of our member lunches, I sat with our Inc. members and we reviewed together what we all had "shipped" (in Seth Godin speak) during the course of that year. When I explained the concept, there was some hesitation, but as we got going there were impressive lists being generated around the table.
This year I thought I'd share a just a few highlights of what our members have accomplished in 2013:

  • Moved a new business from conception to growth, hiring new employees and expanding services

  • Published a book and received public acclaim in such publications as O Magazine, Psychology Today, Parenting Magazine and elsewhere

  • Grew a solo practice into a new partnership with multiple office locations

  • Sold an exciting 4-book series for middle readers to be published later in 2014

  • Placed dozens of employees in exciting new positions

  • Developed an app currently available in iTunes

  • Launched a brand-new PR business from scratch

What did you ship in 2013? What would you like to do in 2014?
In 2013, The Purple Crayon served as a catalyst for our members, for LunchPadparticipants, for Inc. Interactive attendees, Open Mic-ers and others. What can we catalyze for you?