To Design and Advocate

Those of you who frequent our website might have noticed that recently we made a shift to our mission. This is not a change that will alter what you see or experience in the space, but a shift that recognizes that these issues Purpl is working to address—of how we lead in the world of independent work, how we teach and facilitate for the competencies of self-direction and ownership, how we create social capital through shared learning journeys and dialogue—are fundamental to some of the biggest crises and issues our community is facing: a huge and growing population of free agents needing to grow and sustain their livelihoods; college retention rates nearing 50%; widespread employee disengagement; rapid job and career changes; rising anxiety and depression rates; the pandemic of loneliness, now the chief preventable health issue in the country. 

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Sarah's Note: See the forest and the trees

The past few weeks have been a time of review. Lots of questions about doing—what are we doing, are we doing it well, what could we be doing, what does the future look like with this in mind?

Toward the end of answering some of these questions, we here at Purpl have been conducting a number of evaluations. Sooner or later, we will share a full review of our findings with you all.

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