Sarah's Note: What we carry

We all carry certain gifts, specific drives and talents that affect how we go into the world.
In my pre-teen, teen, and even into my young adult days, one of my main hobbies and pleasures was making mix tapes. In addition to being a great way to spend an afternoon immersed in music, toggling between tape decks, these compilations were an offering born out of compassion, companionship, and a desire to communicate. They were a way of providing an experience that would bring pleasure, new knowledge, reflection and growth; my way of saying, "I understand you, I think this will mean something to you, take it with you and enjoy."
It struck me recently how much this same impulse is present in my work today. But now instead of mix tapes I'm designing and shaping, it's experiences and conversations, learning opportunities and connections.
What passions do you have that you've carried through everything you've done? Or perhaps there are things you could bring back to life that would make your work that much more satisfying and true to you?