Sarah's Note: The Next Chapter

From the moment it began, The Purple Crayon was evolving. And over the past few years it has continued to change and develop, as we learn about the needs of the growing population of small business owners, and about what it takes for teens and adults to be successful and satisfied in our new economy of independent workers.

The idea for The Purple Crayon came to me when I was working as director of programs for LitWorld, an international literacy non-profit. Immersed in books and story and education, the metaphor of Harold and the Purple Crayon for the work of people charting a self-driven and empowered course in life sang out to me. So as the opportunity before me to create an original venture steeped in years of beliefs and experience, became clear, so did the path. Start The Purple Crayon.

The starting vision was a center for teens to have self-directed, peer-oriented, and personal-reflection rich experiences to fuel increased self-knowledge, more deliberate and self-directed life choices, and thusly more successful and satisfying endeavors. In the course of getting started, though, the vision evolved; the need for a space for my peers to be self-directed, to reflect, to take action became more and more clear, and the partnership with Adel brought into focus the importance creativity and creative inspiration could play in such a space.

Today, we know that more and more students are searching for meaning, after emerging from a school system more focused on standards and assessment than true learning and personal development. Thirty percent of American workers are finding their own ways, working on their own or in small groups outside the corporate world. These two demographics are forming a new set, a new generation of self –identified workers and leaders. This generation needs a new kind of support, one that builds self-knowledge in addition to skills, that supports purpose and direction rather than just progress, that connects people and ideas rather than isolating them.

Purpl is the next stage of our evolution. We’re so excited about our new look and our new way of both nodding to Harold and his purple crayon and beckoning to all the independent and developing workers out there and staking a claim for the constant evolution that is inherent to a life’s work.

We hope you join us at Purpl. Find what’s inside.