Sarah's Note: Internal momentum

Last week I had the privilege of attending the exclusive TEDWomen conference, hosted by the TED organization. This year’s theme was Momentum—the momentum around women, their rights, their work, their thoughts.

After one particularly powerful session of speakers, we were sent off to the next activity—a networking dinner at a local restaurant. A woman I had never met turned to me and said, “What I really need now is a glass of wine and a cry.”

I knew just what she meant. She wanted to be able to sit with the information and stories she’d gathered, commune about it with others and let it sink in, to express and absorb the emotions it brought up in her, and see where they led.

It struck me this is a different sort of momentum, that which our feelings and knowledge and inspiration can take on if we give them room.  This internal momentum needs a special environment to thrive—one of reflection and sharing, of community and empowerment. This is the kind of momentum we foster and see at Purpl everyday.

Often the world doesn’t create space for this internal momentum, so we have to create the space ourselves. The next time something hits you in a powerful way, don’t just shake it off and move on to the next thing. Allow yourself that “glass of wine and a cry”—you’ll be surprised what else you get out of it, and where it might take you.