Sarah's Note: Waiting to come out

Have you ever had the feeling you were behind some kind of imperceptible barrier; that your thoughts, ideas, inspiration were inaccessible for some unfathomable reason? I have, and not being able to access clear and satisfying direction and action is like only occupying half of myself, and it results in work that’s, if I’m lucky, half of what it should be.

But then, suddenly, that barrier lifts, and there the rest of me is, waiting to come out. I can’t tell you the relief, feeling my brain come back to it’s quick-thinking, accomplished self, recognizing emotions and connections that had been stifled.

Having this experience reminds me of two things:

  1. That we should each pay attention to the triggers that put up those barriers, and the cues that let them go back down

  2. Though we all go through periods of disconnection, they represent a fleeting state. Connectedness is like home, and when we plug back in to our world and our work, what a reassurance to see that your full self was there all along, waiting for a chance to get out.